Tent Peg


Social, Beguiling, Skilled

The Horse

Pronounced as z-EYE or s-EYE, Xi is the name for the Greek letter which looks like Ξ in uppercase, or ξ in lowercase. It is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet and sounds like ‘x’ or ‘ks’.

This letter originated from Samek, a Phoenician letter which was based on a heiroglyph for a tent peg.

I really like this name and that it is unusual and academic. It is used to name fraternities and sororities and in Roman numerals it is the number 11, so if that number has meaning to you, there’s another reason to consider this name.

Definitely a mod sound that could suit any sex, and the bearer could simply make their signature Ξ.

Other similar names include Siyon, Kai, Maja and Rye.