Sanguine, Euphoric, Spirited

The Gypsy

The meaning of the name Vissi is ‘Visionary’.

Short form of the Latin name Vissia, deriving from the word visum, meaning, ‘one who has had a vision’. Also the name of a saint, the Catholic Saint Vissia of Fermo was a virgin martyr, whose feast day is celebrated on April 12. 

This name is inspired by Epic Games’, Unreal Tournament character “Visse” a Black Legion and Blademaiden of the third order. 

I love the peppy nature of the name Vissi, but also love the full Vissia and the possibilities of using Vissi as a nickname along with others like Sia or Viss.

Vissi reminds me of names like Inej, Rebe, Arya, Ilisi, Eily, Syri, Miri and Axie.