Castle of the Goddess
The Smell of Suffering


Fair, Kind, Glorious

The Motorcycle Rider

The name Thyatira is the name of an Ancient Greek city in Asia Minor that is mentioned in the Bible.

There are a few different proposed meanings and origins for this name. One is that it is originally Lydian and has an unknown meaning.

Some sources say it may be Greek and mean ‘Castle of the goddess’ from the name Theia – the Greek mythological goddess of light, wife of Hyperion and mother or Helios, Selene and Eos.

Lastly is that it may mean ‘The Smell of suffering’ or ‘Perfume of the sacrifice of labor’ or ‘Odour of affliction’.

Either way, Thyatira is a pretty and cultured name that can be shortened to spirited nicknames Thya or Tyra. It reminds me of names like Halitreia, Evrytania, Silvretta and Ljubicica.