Greek Names


Meaning: Tent Peg Origin: Greek Social, Beguiling, Skilled The Horse Pronounced as z-EYE or s-EYE, Xi is the name for the Greek letter which looks like Ξ in uppercase, or ξ in lowercase. It is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet and sounds like ‘x’ or ‘ks’. This letter originated from Samek, a Phoenician letter […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: God is Gracious Origin: Spanish Eclectic, Bright, Bubbly The Lioness Xoana is a Galician name, which is a region in Spain, it is also a variant of Jane – from John, meaning ‘God is Gracious”. Xoana is pronounced HUA-nah or zo-AR-nah, which opens it up to some excellent nickname options; such as Zo, Ana […]

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