English Names


Meaning: Gift of God Or possibly: Hill or Weapon Origin: English Light-hearted, Lyrical, Exuberant The Kangaroo Macy is an English name that denotes a family from a place called ‘Massy’ or in some scripts ‘Mascy’. The place name is derived from Latin name Maccius, a variation of Matthew, meaning ‘Gift of God’. Conflicting sources also […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin Spanish Free-Spirited, Quick, Diligent The Bee Rebe (pronounced heh-BEE or reh-BEE) is a Spanish variation of Rebecca: a Hebrew and English name that means ‘to Bind, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. I love Rebe and its peppy, spunk attitude. It fits in incredibly well with other popular and modern names such as […]

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