English Names


Meaning: Gift of God Or possibly: Hill or Weapon Origin: English Light-hearted, Lyrical, Exuberant The Kangaroo Macy is an English name that denotes a family from a place called ‘Massy’ or in some scripts ‘Mascy’. The place name is derived from Latin name Maccius, a variation of Matthew, meaning ‘Gift of God’. Conflicting sources also […]

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German Names Latin Names


Meaning: Spear Origin: Latin German Keen, Cogent, Influential The Warrior The name Quirin is short for Quirinus, which means ‘Spear’. Publius Sulpicius Quirinus was a governor of Syria mentioned in the Bible. Judea was a part of Quirinus’ territory at the time that Caesar Augustus issued the decree for a census to be taken. This […]

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Nordic Names


Meaning: Spear of Strength Origin: Greenlandic Fair, Humble, Diligent The Bumble-Bee The Greenlandic name Qitura or alternatively Kitura – is a fresh feeling, heritage gem that means ‘Spear of Strength’. It derives from the original German name Gertrud, which also has some other intriguing variants like Kerttu, Trudi and Gesine. Qitura sounds cultured and strong, […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin Spanish Free-Spirited, Quick, Diligent The Bee Rebe (pronounced heh-BEE or reh-BEE) is a Spanish variation of Rebecca: a Hebrew and English name that means ‘to Bind, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. I love Rebe and its peppy, spunk attitude. It fits in incredibly well with other popular and modern names such as […]

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