Baltic Names


Meaning: Gift Origin: Latvian Gracious, Fair, Counsellor The Manta Ray Velta is a Latvian name that means ‘Gift’. It derives from the root word: Velte Tribute/Gift This name reminds me of charismatic counterparts like Cilka, Viola, Novak and Yanka.

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Italian Names Latin Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Life Origin: Latin Italian Spanish Praised, Athletic, Quirky The Dancer The name Viviana is a vivacious choice which means ‘Life’. It derives from Latin root word: vivus Alive Viviana reminds me of names Liliana, Anamaria and Clariana. But if you are specifically looking for ‘V’ names; Vissi, Vokki or Velta may be of interest.

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Slavic Names


Meaning: Great Ruler Origin: Slavic – Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Bulgarian and Macedonian Suave, Inviting, Resolute The Boss Vlado is the short form of Vladimir, meaning ‘Great Ruler’. Vladimir derives from root words: vladeti Rule meru Great Vlado is a fantastic choice for a modern name as it has deep roots and a significant cultural […]

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