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Meaning: Wolf Snow Leopard Origin: Turkish Bulgarian Refined, Strong, Witty The White Wolf Boris is a strong Slavic and Turkish name which means ‘Wolf’ or ‘Snow Leopard’. The Croatian diminutive Boro is also quite modern and powerful. The name Boris was worn by a King of Bulgaria, and a Prince (who was proclaimed Bulgaria’s first […]

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Meaning: Downy-Bearded Devoted to Jupiter Origin: Turkish Smooth, Aware, Brilliant The Gold Star The Turkish name Julitta derives directly from Julius. Julius/Julitta has two purported meanings. The first is that they derive from Latin Ioulios, which means ‘Downy-Bearded’. The second possible heritage is in Greek mythology, deriving from Jovilius – meaning ‘Devoted to Jupiter’. Julitta reminds […]

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