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Meaning: Beauty Origin: Tahitian Beauty, Peace, Bird-Song The Forest Tāne (pronounced TAH-nay) is a Tahitian god, from Māori mythology. He is a son of the Earth Mother – Papa, and Sky Father – Rangi, and some stories say he made Tiki, the first man. He is also helped his brother Atea to create the Tiare […]

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Oceanic Names


Meaning: Flower Origin: Tahitian Tender, Inviting, Solicitous The Mouse Tiare (pronounced TEE-are-AY) is the name of the Tahitian Gardenia, the name derives from root words: Ti Compelling Presence Are Fragrance or Scent Put together, this word means ‘a potent fragrance’ or ‘strong scent’. In Tahitian mythology, the Tiare flower was made by the gods Atea […]

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