Nordic Names


Meaning: Sugary Origin: Finnish (presumed) Strong, Talented, Fun The Reindeer Mairiis (pronounced MY-reece) is presumably derived from Finnish name Mairea, which means ‘Sugary’. This post on Mairiis is inspired by Mairiis ‘Mossy‘ Kilcher and her appearance on Alaska the Last Frontier. What a fantastic name gem, and Mossy also is such a beautiful nature name. […]

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Italian Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Sweet and Beloved Gracious Inner Sanctuary Origin: Russian Czech Italian Fashionable, Deep, Sultry The one who dances in the rain The name Milana has three potential origins and meanings. The first being from Russia, and meaning ‘Sweet and Beloved’. Secondly it could be originally Czech and mean ‘Gracious’. The third is that it derives […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Sweet Origin: Yiddish Up-Beat, Fresh, Floral The Posie The Yiddish name Zusa is an absolute naming gem, and means ‘Sweet’. I feel it is a top running option to use in place of the famed Suri. Zusa reminds me of Lura and Nura. Yet it also has that Z factor, blending it well with […]

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