Greek Names


Meaning: Star Origin: Greek Ethereal, Magnetic, Bright The Nautilus The gorgeous name Aster is of Greek origin and means, ‘Star’, and what a star it is. It derives from root word: Asteri Star Aster is also the name of a plant with beautiful, purple, daisy-like flowers. Related names Astra and Astraea are just divine in […]

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Hungarian Names


Meaning: Star Origin: Hungarian Meticulous, Beautiful, Strong The Image The ethereal Hungarian name Csilla (pronounced CHEE-la) means ‘Star’ and derives from the original name Csillag. Interestingly, Csilla is also the name of a planet in Star Wars, although it is primarily pronounced TSILL-ah. Csilla reminds me of names Cilka, Suni, Chebec and Suki.

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Asia West Names


Meaning: Downy-Bearded Devoted to Jupiter Origin: Turkish Smooth, Aware, Brilliant The Gold Star The Turkish name Julitta derives directly from Julius. Julius/Julitta has two purported meanings. The first is that they derive from Latin Ioulios, which means ‘Downy-Bearded’. The second possible heritage is in Greek mythology, deriving from Jovilius – meaning ‘Devoted to Jupiter’. Julitta reminds […]

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English Names


Meaning: Downy-Bearded Devoted to Jupiter Origin: English Honey-Mouthed, Superlative, Awake The Golden One July is a spunky and fresh month name that derives directly from Julius, as the month was named to honour Julius Ceasar. Pre-Ceasar, July used to be named Quintilis. Julius and thus July have two purported meanings. The first is that Julius […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Lyre Lyrical Origin: Greek Gold, Summer Loving, Helpful The Mermaid The Greek name Lyra comes from the musical instrument the Lyre, it can also mean ‘Lyrical’. For those that love astrology, there is a small constellation named Lyra (or Lyre of Orpheus) that was founded by Ptolemy. Lyras’ imagery on star charts was often […]

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Latin Names


Meaning:NewOrigin:Latin Shiny, Adored, Athletic The London Lover The Latin name Nova comes from root word: novus New Hence the name Nova means ‘New’. Nova is also an astrological word that describes the birth of a new star, which is bright at first and slowly fades. Nova is fresh and peppy, it blends well with names […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Sapphire Sacred to Saturn Origin: Portuguese Hebrew Esperanto Serene, Ethereal, Lovely The Feather The Portuguese and Hebrew name Safira is literally a gem, It is a word name, meaning Sapphire in Portuguese, but it can also mean ‘Sacred to Saturn’ as this planet is associated with the Sapphire gem. The name Safira make a […]

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English Names Hebrew Names


Meaning: Blue Stone Sacred to Saturn Origin: English Hebrew Clear Minded, Visionary, Slinky The Picasso Sapphire is an English and Hebrew word name. It derives from the Hebrew names Sapir and Safira, and is the name of a blue gemstone, the birthstone of September. I love that Sapphire ends in ‘fire’, fit for a person […]

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Asia South Names German Names


Meaning: Moon Defending Warrior Origin: Indian German Stylish, Effusive, Methodical The Literary Sashi is a spectacle of a name with two distinct heritages. Firstly it is of Indian origin – from Shashi – and means ‘Moon’. Secondly it is a German diminutive of Sasha, which means ‘Defending Warrior’. Either way, Sashi is just a pearl […]

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German Names Italian Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Fate Trust in the Stars Origin: Italian German Dutch Fair, Hard Working, Kind The Maiden The name Stellavera is an amalgamation of names Stella and Vera – combined their meaning is ‘Fate’ or ‘Trust in the Stars’. Stellavera has so much to offer its person; it has an elegant and wise countenance, plus it […]

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