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Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Danish Scottish Kind, Capable, Chivalrous The Gentleman The name Hendrick is a variation of Henry, both coming from the original German name Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. You could easily shorten this name to Henny or Hendy, or even Harry or Harro – nicknames of Henry. Hendrick blends well with names […]

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Meaning: Gift of God Origin: English, Scottish Strong, Bold, Resilient The Camel Massey is a name of English and Scottish heritage, it evolved from Maccius (pronounced MAX-ee-us, yeah, how cool is that) which is a Latin name. Villiages and regions in France came to be named Massy or sometimes Mascy, as a result of settlers […]

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Meaning: Brindled Origin: Celtic Authentic, Commended, Rhythmic The Wolfhound The meaning of the Scottish name Revie (pronounced REE-vee) is “Brindled”, having grey hair and dark skin. This is a Gaelic name that originated from the surname ‘Mac gille Riabhaich’ Revie reminds me of names such as Reverie, Boheme and Tully.

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Meaning: God is Gracious Gods Gift Origin: Scottish/Irish Hebrew Hindi Alluring, Admired, Contemporary The Squirrel Sheena is most commonly know to be the anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name Sìne. Sìne is directly related to the English, Jean, a feminine variant of John, meaning ‘God is Gracious’. Sheena is also thought to be a Hindi […]

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