Slavic Names


Meaning: Pure Origin: Russian Bulgarian Culinarian, Eloquent, Meaningful The Chef Ekaterina is a beautiful name, filled with culture and awe. It derives from the original Greek name Aikaterine, meaning ‘Pure’, which additionally makes it a relative of Catherine/Katherine. Ekaterina reminds me of other Slavic names like Inessa, Anzhelika, Evgenia, Agata and Lizaveta.

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Nordic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Holy Blessed Origin: Russian Norse Profound, Pretty, Well-Spoken The Naturalist Olya (pronounced Oh-lee-ah or Oh-lya) is a variation of Olga, meaning ‘Holy’, and is of Russian origin. It can also be spelled Olja. It is also thought to be of Norse roots, deriving from the name Helgi (which also bore Helga, Laila and Aili […]

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