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Meaning: Work Origin: Italian Polish English Spanish German Fun, Assured, Clever The Firecracker Amelia is a multicultural variant of Amalia, which means ‘Work’, from its roots in the Hebrew word Amal – ‘Toil’. Amelia is often mistakenly thought to be a relative of Emilia as they are strikingly similar, but in actual fact they have […]

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Meaning: Rock Prince, King, Ruler Beautiful White Jasmine Origin: Maori Arabic Japanese Natural, Artistic, Leader The Dancer Amiri (pronounced as ah-MEER-ee) is a name of many supposed heritages. Firstly from the Cook Islands, meaning ‘Rock’. Secondly being Arabic (also with possible Hebrew and Persian roots) meaning ‘Ruler’, ‘King’ or ‘Prince’. Thirdly thought to be Japanese, […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Master of Man Origin: Greek Enduring, Hardy, Skilled The Unipeg Anaxandros is a form of the Greek name Anaxandridas. King Anaxandros (or Anaxander) was a King of Sparta and son of King Eurycratides. This name derives from root words: anax Master/Lord andros Of a Man You can shorten Anaxandros to some pretty suave alternatives […]

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Meaning: Pure Origin: French English Fresh Faced, Sporty, Diligent The Athlete Catherine derives from the Greek name Aikaterine, which spawns from the root word: katharos Pure Catherine is a very regal name, belonging to multiple Queens. It also belonged to the virginal Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who was also a princess and was martyred at […]

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Meaning: Strong Healer Origin: Greek Refined, Enlightened, Erudite The Owl Lon, meaning ‘Strong Healer’ is a diminutive of the Greek name Apollonia, a form of Apollo, the Greek god of music, truth, prophecy, healing, poetry, plagues, art, oracles, archery and sun (that is a lot). It can also be a Spanish name (short for Alonzo) […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Princess Origin: Hebrew Healer, Protected, Journeyer The Monarch Butterfly The name Sarah is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Princess’ or ‘Noblewoman’. It was the name God gave to Abrams wife, Sarai, in the Old Testament of the Bible when Abram became Abraham. Sarah has many variations from many different cultures, such as Sera, Sari […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: Noble Origin: Galician Eloquent, Puissant, Beautiful The Raven Uxia (pronounced oo-SHEE-ah) is a Galician name, Galicia being a region of Spain. Galician is one of the Romance languages that derive from Colloquial Latin. Uxia is a variant of the Greek name Eugenia, other variations that I particularly like include Russian – Yvgeny, French – […]

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Meaning: Great Ruler Origin: Slavic – Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Bulgarian and Macedonian Suave, Inviting, Resolute The Boss Vlado is the short form of Vladimir, meaning ‘Great Ruler’. Vladimir derives from root words: vladeti Rule meru Great Vlado is a fantastic choice for a modern name as it has deep roots and a significant cultural […]

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Meaning: My Prince Pure Origin English Rustic, Keen, Competitive The Swallow I met a man named Zetlin this week, from the country. This intrigued me, so here is a post on his name. Zetlin is a modern take on Hebrew name Zeitlin, and derives ultimately from Zeitl through Sarai, which means My Princess. There is […]

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