Spanish Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin Spanish Free-Spirited, Quick, Diligent The Bee Rebe (pronounced heh-BEE or reh-BEE) is a Spanish variation of Rebecca: a Hebrew and English name that means ‘to Bind, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. I love Rebe and its peppy, spunk attitude. It fits in incredibly well with other popular and modern names such as […]

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English Names Hebrew Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin: Hebrew, English Bright, Victorious, Jubilant The Python Rebecca derives from the Hebrew name Rivqah, and means ‘to Bind’, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. In the Bible, Rebecca is the mother of Jacob (later known as Israel), and her name is also spelt as Rebekah in certain translations. Some nice variations include Rebe […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Behold a Son Origin: Hebrew Generous, Bold, Brauny The Jackrabbit The Hebrew name Reuben means ‘Behold a Son’, and is the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Bible. Within the pages of the Bible, Reuben was the eldest son of Jacob and Leah, although his father rescinded his birthright. […]

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Celtic Names


Meaning: Brindled Origin: Celtic Authentic, Commended, Rhythmic The Wolfhound The meaning of the Scottish name Revie (pronounced REE-vee) is “Brindled”, having grey hair and dark skin. This is a Gaelic name that originated from the surname ‘Mac gille Riabhaich’ Revie reminds me of names such as Reverie, Boheme and Tully.

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English Names


Meaning: Fertile Origin: English Spirited, Liberated, Willful The Egret Rivs is a short form of the popular nature name River or Rivers, it means ‘Fertile’ or ‘Flowing Water’. Gender neutral and so in vouge, I love, love, love this name. Other River derivatives include Riviera, Riverton and Riverland. But of your looking for something with […]

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