Spanish Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin Spanish Free-Spirited, Quick, Diligent The Bee Rebe (pronounced heh-BEE or reh-BEE) is a Spanish variation of Rebecca: a Hebrew and English name that means ‘to Bind, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. I love Rebe and its peppy, spunk attitude. It fits in incredibly well with other popular and modern names such as […]

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English Names Hebrew Names


Meaning: To Bind Origin: Hebrew, English Bright, Victorious, Jubilant The Python Rebecca derives from the Hebrew name Rivqah, and means ‘to Bind’, ‘to Ensnare’ or ‘Noose’. In the Bible, Rebecca is the mother of Jacob (later known as Israel), and her name is also spelt as Rebekah in certain translations. Some nice variations include Rebe […]

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