Spanish Names


Meaning: Bitter Battle Origin: Spanish Portuguese Pleasant, Kind, Gilded The Lioness The name Marisa (pronounced ma-REECE-ah) is a Spanish/Portuguese contraction of Maria and Luisa. Maria means “Bitterness” and Luisa means “Famous Battle”, giving Marisa the interpretation “Bitter Battle”. Marisa is beautiful and elegant, it reminds me of Mariana, Mairiis and Annelies.

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Sapphire Sacred to Saturn Origin: Portuguese Hebrew Esperanto Serene, Ethereal, Lovely The Feather The Portuguese and Hebrew name Safira is literally a gem, It is a word name, meaning Sapphire in Portuguese, but it can also mean ‘Sacred to Saturn’ as this planet is associated with the Sapphire gem. The name Safira make a […]

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Italian Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Saint Anne Origin: Spanish Portuguese Brazilian Italian Zestful, Lucid, Radiant The Traveller The meaning of the name Santana is “Saint Anne” or “Saint like”. This name originates from Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Italy. If you’re really intrepid you could shorten to ‘Santi’ which has a nice ring to it. Santana reminds me of Sicilia, Sorrentina […]

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