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Meaning: Pearl of Grace Origin: Swiss German Danish Swedish Graceful, Peppy, Forgiving The Owl This Swiss/German name is an absolute stunner, with a beautiful meaning as well ‘Pearl of Grace’. Talk about a light, bright and shining name for your little one. It derives from Anna (from Hebrew Hannah) – meaning ‘Grace’, and Margaret – […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Pearl Origin: Greek Elegant, Cultured, Serene The Masterpiece The name Margaretta is a Greek variation of the French Marguerite, German Margarethe and of course the English Margaret. All of which emerged from the original Latin Margarita meaning ‘Pearl’. Sweet shortened forms include Gretta or Maretta, the later sounding delicate, refined and oozing ethnicity. Similar […]

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English Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: English Charming, Quick, Sweet The Dairy Maid The meaning of the name Molly is “Bitterness”.┬áMolly originated from ‘Maili‘, a Gaelic nickname for the Hebrew name Mary. The version we see today is the English version of that nickname. If the meaning really bothers you, Molly is also known to be short for […]

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