English Names


Meaning:OceanOrigin:English Svelte, Fluid, Free The Treasure The name Ocea (pronounced OH-shuh) derives from the word Ocean, and such is its meaning. Ocea can be short for the French name Oceane (oh-shee-ANN) or the Greek name Oceana (oh-SHEE- arna) or it can simply be name all its own. Totally gorgeous and free-spirited, this name brings forth […]

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Oceanic Names


Meaning: Oleander Everlasting Love Origin: Hawaiian Flowing, Youthful, Gracious The Dolphin Oliana is a Hawaiian name that derives from the Oleander plant. The Oleander plant is evergreen and symbolizes everlasting love, hence the meaning of this name. Oliana is a beautiful name, nicknames abound with Ollie, Ana and Lia all being top options. It is […]

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Nordic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Holy Blessed Origin: Russian Norse Profound, Pretty, Well-Spoken The Naturalist Olya (pronounced Oh-lee-ah or Oh-lya) is a variation of Olga, meaning ‘Holy’, and is of Russian origin. It can also be spelled Olja. It is also thought to be of Norse roots, deriving from the name Helgi (which also bore Helga, Laila and Aili […]

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German Names Hungarian Names


Meaning:WealthyOrigin:HungarianGerman Determined, Smart, Lover The Clover The German and Hungarian name Otto is a Palindrome and means ‘Wealthy’. Some feminine variants include Ottilie and Odette. This post was inspired by Otto Kilcher from Alaska the Last Frontier. But it also reminds me of names Milo, Hugo, Gunter, Kit, Hendry, Juno and Floke.

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