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Meaning: Pure Origin: French English Fresh Faced, Sporty, Diligent The Athlete Catherine derives from the Greek name Aikaterine, which spawns from the root word: katharos Pure Catherine is a very regal name, belonging to multiple Queens. It also belonged to the virginal Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who was also a princess and was martyred at […]

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Slavic Names


Meaning: Pure Origin: Russian Bulgarian Culinarian, Eloquent, Meaningful The Chef Ekaterina is a beautiful name, filled with culture and awe. It derives from the original Greek name Aikaterine, meaning ‘Pure’, which additionally makes it a relative of Catherine/Katherine. Ekaterina reminds me of other Slavic names like Inessa, Anzhelika, Evgenia, Agata and Lizaveta.

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Hungarian Names


Meaning: Pure Origin: Created – Hungarian roots Creative, Determined, Kind The Animal Lover This name is a version of English Catherine, meaning Pure. They both derive from Greek ‘Εκατερινη, which which is thought to have come from the Greek goddess Hecate, the goddess of spells, graveyards and tombs, demons, crossroads, and the underworld. In early Christian […]

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Meaning: Tower Origin: Greek Czech Spanish Polish Alluring, Elegant, Empathique The Free Bird The name Magdalena derives from the term Magdalene, which refers to people from the town of Magdala. Magdala means ‘Tower’, thus the invisible meaning of this name is ‘Tower’. Magdalena originates from Greece, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Poland (but it is used by […]

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Meaning: Saint, Sacred Origin: Italian, Latin, Spanish Discerning, Melodious, Dancer The Lyrebird Santina derives from the Latin “Sanctus” and is a variation of the name Sancia. Traditionally a feminine name, its masculine variants being Santo/Santino in Italian, or Santos/Sancho in Spanish. Similar names include Sefina, Santana, Rimini and Marina.

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Oceanic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: God will Increase Origin: Samoan, Hawaiian, Czech Angelic, Pure, Charming The Cherub Sefina is a Samoan and Czech variation of the name Josephine, from English Joseph, meaning ‘God will Increase’. Sefina reminds me of names like Seraphina, Seraiah and Santina. It is so simple, yet winsome and melodic in appeal. I love it.

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