Spanish Names


Meaning: Complete Origin: Basque Homes, Lustrous, Virtuous The Heron The Basque name Amaia means ‘Complete’ or ‘The End’. Pronounced as uh-MY-uh, this name is also that of a mountain and village in Spain. A variant spelling could be Amaya, which is also a Japanese name meaning “Night Rain”. Similar names to Amaia could be Seraiah, […]

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English Names


Meaning: Thorned Shrub Origin: English Courageous, Attractive, Determined The Kestrel The meaning of the name Briar is “Thorned Shrub”. An English name made famous by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, in which the beauty’s real name was ‘Briar Rose’. I can imagine this name on a modern day flower child, it reminds me […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: God will Exalt Origin: Hebrew Inquisitive, Caring, Guarded The Wall The name Jeremiah derives from the original Hebrew name Yirmiyahu, which means ‘God will Exalt’. Jeremiah is known for being a famous prophet in the old testament of the bible. There is a whole book named after him. Jeremiah sits nicely with sibling names […]

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Arabic Names Asia South Names Greek Names


Meaning: Water Nymph Reed Boat Origin: Greek Arabic Indian Happy, Cultured, Friendly The Sailor The name Naiya (pronounced n-EYE-ah) has three proposed origins. The first is that is from Greece and means ‘Water Nymph’. This meaning comes from the Naiads of Greek Mythology, female spirits that watch over areas of fresh water. The second is […]

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