Arabic Names


Meaning:High/Exalted or TallOrigin:Arabic Unrestricted, Interesting, In Control The Choreographer The Arabic name Alia (pronounced ah-LEE-ah) can also be spelled Aliya, and means ‘High’ ‘Exalted’ or ‘Tall’. It is a feminine form of Ali. Alia reminds me of Matthea, Olya, Talleah, Atea, Lucia and Georgeah.

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Meaning: Work Origin: Italian Polish English Spanish German Fun, Assured, Clever The Firecracker Amelia is a multicultural variant of Amalia, which means ‘Work’, from its roots in the Hebrew word Amal – ‘Toil’. Amelia is often mistakenly thought to be a relative of Emilia as they are strikingly similar, but in actual fact they have […]

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French Names


Meaning: Hawk-like Origin: French Dreamy, Breezy, Adored The Glider Astoria is a variation of the Surname Astor, which means ‘Hawk-like’, it hails from southeastern Frances Occitanie region. I really enjoy this names inspiring animalistic meaning, much like Ylva – ‘Wolf’ and Jonah – ‘Dove’. Astoria can be shortened to Story, a name in its own […]

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Mythological Names Oceanic Names


Meaning: Open Far Away Origin: Tahitian Clear, Fair, Cool The Breeze Atea (pronounced ah-TEE-ah) is a god in Māori mythology, whom with the help of Tane (god of beauty) created the famous Tiare flower. Atea is so unique and has a great vibe, it would fit in well with other mod names like Greer, Ramiro […]

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Greek Names


Meaning:Thriving WaterwaysOrigin:Greek Kind, Thoughtful, Ever Dancing Eden The name Evrytania is a Greek name which means ‘Thriving Waterways’. It us also the name of an alpine region in central Greece, is capital being Karpenisi. I love this shortened to Ev, and I think she fits well with Silvretta (Silvie – and also alpine), Astoria (Story […]

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English Names


Meaning:FarmerOrigin:English Trendy, Chic, Motiviating The Life Lover Georgeah (pronounced jor-JEE-uh) is a variation of the name George, meaning ‘Farmer’. This is such a fresh alternative to the ever popular Georgia, and I really enjoy the long EE sound. Georgeah reminds me of new and spunky names like Arieta, Seraiah and Talleah.

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Meaning: From the Three Seas Origin: Created – Latin Roots Ethereal, Mysterious, Patriotic The Mermaid The meaning of the name Halitreia is “From the 3 seas”. A created name from Latin root words: hali Sea tria Three I have chosen this as my Australia Day name as Australia is an island continent with every state (excluding […]

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Italian Names


Meaning: Light Origin: Italian Deep, Forward, Diverse The Tansy Lucia (pronounced either as loo-SEE-ah or loo-CHEE-ah) is a variant of the Latin name Lucius meaning ‘Light’. This also means it is directly related to other popular names Luke and Lucas. Lucia is very fashionable, with strapping nicknames such as Lucy and Sia, you can’t go […]

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Greek Names Latin Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: Latin Brave, Strong, Hopeful The Workhorse The name Maria came about as a Latin variation of Maryam, ultimately deriving from the Hebrew name Miriam, which means ‘Bitterness’. Miriam, the woman from the Old Testament of the Bible, was Moses sister. She was born during the Israelites time of slavery in Egypt, thus […]

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German Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: German Dutch Original, Creative, Graceful The Swan Pronounced as mah-TIA, this name is gorgeous and has a rich heritage in the English and Hebrew name Matthew from which it derives. Nicknames include Mattie and Tia, and helps this cultured name fit well with other popular choices such as Mia, Olivia, […]

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English Names


Meaning:OceanOrigin:English Svelte, Fluid, Free The Treasure The name Ocea (pronounced OH-shuh) derives from the word Ocean, and such is its meaning. Ocea can be short for the French name Oceane (oh-shee-ANN) or the Greek name Oceana (oh-SHEE- arna) or it can simply be name all its own. Totally gorgeous and free-spirited, this name brings forth […]

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Italian Names Latin Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Saint, Sacred Origin: Italian, Latin, Spanish Rosy, Playful, Relatable The Flower-Child Sancia, pronounced either san-SEE-ah or SAN-sha, is of Italian, Latin and Spanish origin, clearly because it’s too gorgeous to belong to just one heritage. It makes a great alternative to lovers of Game Of Thrones’, Sansa. Some other variants include the Spanish – […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: Noble Origin: Galician Eloquent, Puissant, Beautiful The Raven Uxia (pronounced oo-SHEE-ah) is a Galician name, Galicia being a region of Spain. Galician is one of the Romance languages that derive from Colloquial Latin. Uxia is a variant of the Greek name Eugenia, other variations that I particularly like include Russian – Yvgeny, French – […]

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