Alpine Names Hungarian Names


Meaning: Pledged to God Foreign Origin: Swiss Hungarian Eclectic, Fierce, Lively The Performer The Swiss and Hungarian name Babetta is a variant of the French Babette – ultimately they derive from Elizabeth and/or Barbara. Elizabeth means ‘Pledged to God’, and Barbara means ‘Foreign’. Babetta could have so many sweet short forms, such as Babs, Baby […]

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Mythological Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Pledged to God Wife of Thor Origin: Nordic Content, Committed, Understanding The Woods Elisifetta is a Nordic style name that can mean ‘Pledged to God’ as a variant of Elisiveta (from Elizabeth), or it can mean ‘Wife of Thor’ as a variant of Elisif (an Old Norse name for Sif, the mythological wife of […]

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Modern American Names


Meaning:The Promise of LifeOrigin:English – Created Clever, Playful, Decisive The Doctor The English name Evolet was created for the film 10,000 BC – in the movie they say that the name means ‘The Promise of Life’. Even though this name is created, it is stunning and is at home with other popular names such as […]

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French Names


Meaning: Farmer Origin: French Talented, Artistic, Pretty The Singer Georgette is a French name, a variant of George which means ‘Farmer’. Two other fresh variations of George are Georgeah and Georgini, and there is of course is the more common Georgia. Georgette reminds me of elegant and cultured names like Gabrielle, Marcella and Oliana.

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Greek Names


Meaning: Pearl Origin: Greek Elegant, Cultured, Serene The Masterpiece The name Margaretta is a Greek variation of the French Marguerite, German Margarethe and of course the English Margaret. All of which emerged from the original Latin Margarita meaning ‘Pearl’. Sweet shortened forms include Gretta or Maretta, the later sounding delicate, refined and oozing ethnicity. Similar […]

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Italian Names


Meaning: Rock Origin: Italian Fanciful, Fluid, with Fire in her eyes The Wolf Perretta is an Italian variant of Peter, thus meaning ‘Rock’. It is long and elegant, but can foster chic nicknames Perry and Etta which make it quite versatile. Perretta blends with names like Isabella, Marcella, Juliet and Marietta.

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