Celtic Names


Meaning: High Valour Origin: Irish Proud, Logical, Loyal The Scribe The Irish name Cartel means ‘High Valour’ and is an anglicization of the surname Mac Ardghail. Another variation is Cardle. Cartel is growing in popularity and works for boys and girls. More recently, Maria DiGeronimo from Yummy Mummies named her son Cartel, which fits nicely […]

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French Names


Meaning: God is my Strength Origin: French Poised, Cultured, Fluid The Angel The French name Gabrielle derives directly from the Hebrew name Gabriel, they mean ‘God is my Strength’ or ‘Hero of God’. Gabrielle can be shortened to Gabby, Brielle or Bree – all quite modern and popular options. Gabrielle speaks to me as an […]

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English Names


Meaning:RattleOrigin:English Fair, Luminous, Gifted The Soaring Bird The meaning of the name Kestrel is “Rattle”.  Kestrel is the name of certain breeds of Falcon (also a cool name BTW) it derives from the French word crecelle which means ‘rattle’ and was given this name to reflect the sound of it’s cry. Kestrel has some very […]

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Italian Names Mythological Names


Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: Italian Serene, Svelte, Willowy The Reed Marcella is the Italian feminine variant of Marcello, deriving from Latin – Marcus and English – Mark. All of these names stem from the Roman god Mars, and mean ‘god of War‘ or ‘Warlike’. Nicknames such as Marcy and Ella are a given. […]

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