German Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Grace Pledged to God Origin: German Dutch Effervescent, Polite, Nonchalant The Chamois Annelies (pronounced ANNA-LEASE) is a German/Dutch variant of Anneliese (ANNA-lisa). They derive from names Anna – from Hannah, meaning ‘Grace’, and Liese – from Elizabeth, meaning ‘Pledged to God’. Anne Franks full name was Annelies Marie Frank, she was a Jewish German […]

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English Names French Names


Meaning: Pure Origin: French English Fresh Faced, Sporty, Diligent The Athlete Catherine derives from the Greek name Aikaterine, which spawns from the root word: katharos Pure Catherine is a very regal name, belonging to multiple Queens. It also belonged to the virginal Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who was also a princess and was martyred at […]

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Celtic Names


Meaning: Love Origin: Brythonic Benevolent, Engaging, Deep-Thinker The Owl The name Cedric was actually invented by an author, Sir Walter Scott, and was used in his novel Ivanhoe. It is suspected that he based the name on the Celtic Cerdic, which derives from Caratacos, meaning ‘Love’. I really enjoy nickname option Ced, and its similarities […]

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Slavic Names


Meaning: Pure Origin: Russian Bulgarian Culinarian, Eloquent, Meaningful The Chef Ekaterina is a beautiful name, filled with culture and awe. It derives from the original Greek name Aikaterine, meaning ‘Pure’, which additionally makes it a relative of Catherine/Katherine. Ekaterina reminds me of other Slavic names like Inessa, Anzhelika, Evgenia, Agata and Lizaveta.

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Grace Origin: Hebrew Innocent, Emotive, Hands On The Babe Hannah derives from the original Hebrew name Channah, meaning ‘Grace’ or ‘Favour’. This name is also a palindrome, as it reads the same both backward and forward. Hannah is best known for being a character in the old testament of the Bible who was barren […]

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English Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Faithful Origin: English, Spanish Swift, Gifted, Chic The Gazelle Inej (pronounced EEN-ezjh or EEN-ez) is purported to be a rare English/Spanish name that means ‘Faithful’ or ‘The Faithful One’ or maybe even ‘Holy’. Inej reminds me of Inika, Inari, Imra and Ines. Also, Inej is apparently a name from the Netflix show, Shadow and […]

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English Names


Meaning: Faithful Origin: English Cheerful, Comical, Magnetic The Rising Star The English name Ivy is the same as that of the climbing, and sometimes poisonous plant. It’s meaning comes from the ancient Greeks who would give Ivy wreaths at weddings to the bride to symbolise faithfulness within their marriage. Ivy is a great, green nature […]

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Oceanic Names


Meaning: Oleander Everlasting Love Origin: Hawaiian Flowing, Youthful, Gracious The Dolphin Oliana is a Hawaiian name that derives from the Oleander plant. The Oleander plant is evergreen and symbolizes everlasting love, hence the meaning of this name. Oliana is a beautiful name, nicknames abound with Ollie, Ana and Lia all being top options. It is […]

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Nordic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Holy Blessed Origin: Russian Norse Profound, Pretty, Well-Spoken The Naturalist Olya (pronounced Oh-lee-ah or Oh-lya) is a variation of Olga, meaning ‘Holy’, and is of Russian origin. It can also be spelled Olja. It is also thought to be of Norse roots, deriving from the name Helgi (which also bore Helga, Laila and Aili […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Filled with Compassion Origin: Greek Rugged, Fearless, Gentle The Bear Panteleimon is a Greek name which hails from root words: pan All eleemon Compassionate The name Panteleimon has two, more common variants in Pantaleon and Pantelis – I particularly like Pantaleon and the ability to shorten it to Leon or Panther (seriously how smoking […]

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Meaning: Peaceable Origin: Created Bold, Wise, Diplomatic The Hero The name Quingon is a created name from amalgamating Latin root words: Quin Not/Without Gon Diminutive of Gundisalvus, meaning ‘Safe from Battle’ Together, Quingon comes to mean ‘Peaceable’. It is a fantastical name, emoting fire, courage and wisdom. A warrior in ancient times, but with a […]

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Celtic Names


Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Irish Peppy, Loved, Decisive The Royal One The meaning of the name Quinn is “Wisdom”.  This Irish name comes from the Gaelic surname O’Cuinn, stemming from the root word Conn meaning wisdom, intelligence and guidance.  Quinn is a great name, being gender neutral and having a strong feeling with it’s singular syllable. […]

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