Latin Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: Latin Nautical, Conqueror, Social The Shark Maccius (pronounced MAX-ee-us or mark-ee-us) is an Old Roman name which is a derivative of Matthew. It was made famous by Titus Maccius Plautus, a comedic Roman playwrite, known simply as ‘Plautus’. He is noted for being the Father of Comedy. Maccius is the […]

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English Names


Meaning: Gift of God Or possibly: Hill or Weapon Origin: English Light-hearted, Lyrical, Exuberant The Kangaroo Macy is an English name that denotes a family from a place called ‘Massy’ or in some scripts ‘Mascy’. The place name is derived from Latin name Maccius, a variation of Matthew, meaning ‘Gift of God’. Conflicting sources also […]

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Oceanic Names


Meaning: Thicket Origin: Aboriginal Spontaneous, Casual, Attentive The Echidna Mallee (pronounced as m-ALLEY) is an Australian Aboriginal word name that means ‘thicket’ or ‘scrub’. It is the name of a rural region in Australian states Victoria and South Australia within which a multi-stemmed Eucalyptus tree grows – the Mallee tree. Mallee has a bright and […]

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Italian Names Mythological Names


Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: Italian Serene, Svelte, Willowy The Reed Marcella is the Italian feminine variant of Marcello, deriving from Latin – Marcus and English – Mark. All of these names stem from the Roman god Mars, and mean ‘god of War‘ or ‘Warlike’. Nicknames such as Marcy and Ella are a given. […]

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English Names Mythological Names Names from the Low Lands


Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: English, Dutch Sharp, Defined, Meticulous The Lion Mark is an English and Dutch name that derives from Latin name: Marcus. It means ‘god of War’, stemming from the Roman god Mars. It is also considered to mean ‘Warlike’. It is renowned for being the name of the second gospel […]

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French Names


Meaning: Gift of God, Person from Massy Origin: French Pleasant, Mellifluent, Obedient The Robin Massé is a French name denoting a family from a place called ‘Massy’ or in some scripts ‘Mascy’. The place name derived from Latin Maccius, a variation of Matthew, meaning ‘Gift of God’. Other variations of Massé include the English and […]

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Celtic Names English Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: English, Scottish Strong, Bold, Resilient The Camel Massey is a name of English and Scottish heritage, it evolved from Maccius (pronounced MAX-ee-us, yeah, how cool is that) which is a Latin name. Villiages and regions in France came to be named Massy or sometimes Mascy, as a result of settlers […]

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Slavic Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: Serbian, Croatian Visionary, Intelligent, Rational The Monkey Matići is a Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian place name, it derives from Mathaeus, from Matthew. Pronounced mat-iss-EYE or mat-ISS-ee, this definitely walks down the line of unique and unconventional. I personally love the sound, and the ‘ć’, it stands out! Which is something […]

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German Names Names from the Low Lands


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: German, Dutch Original, Creative, Graceful The Swan Pronounced as mah-TIA, this name is gorgeous and has a rich heritage in the English and Hebrew name Matthew from which it derives. Nicknames include Mattie and Tia, and helps this cultured name fit well with other popular choices such as Mia, Olivia, […]

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English Names Hebrew Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: English, Hebrew Fervid, Brazen, Irrepressible The Ange; Matthew in the Bible is one of the twelve disciples, or, apostles. He is also known by the name Levi, and was the son of Alphaeus. He wrote the first book of the New Testament, detailing the events of Jesus life. Matthew is a variant […]

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