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Meaning: Rock Prince, King, Ruler Beautiful White Jasmine Origin: Maori Arabic Japanese Natural, Artistic, Leader The Dancer Amiri (pronounced as ah-MEER-ee) is a name of many supposed heritages. Firstly from the Cook Islands, meaning ‘Rock’. Secondly being Arabic (also with possible Hebrew and Persian roots) meaning ‘Ruler’, ‘King’ or ‘Prince’. Thirdly thought to be Japanese, […]

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Meaning: Prosperity Origin: Japanese Alluring, Dexterous, Serene The Kami Inari is a Japanese Kami (a spirit worshipped in Shinto, Japan), Inari represents industry, success, fertility, agriculture, foxes, tea, rice and sake. General prosperity. I love this as a name, and it has awesome nickname capabilities, such as: Nari, Narz or Innie. Fits nicely with similar […]

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Meaning: Victory of the People Origin: Dutch German Accepting, Audacious, Courageous The Lion The adored Kai is a Dutch and German diminutive of the name Niklaus. Niklaus originates from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning ‘Victory of the People’. Nikolaos also bore the common English name Nicholas. Kai is much more modern than it’s other variant […]

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Meaning:Unknown – possibly ‘Guardian’Origin:Japanese Wise, Resolute, Nimble The Bee The Japanese name Troa is a variation of name Trowa – which was a name created for character Trowa Barton in anime series, Gundam Wing. The meaning of Troa is unknown, but some have thought it could mean ‘Guardian’ or ‘Instrument of Peace’. I really like […]

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