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Meaning: Water Nymph Reed Boat Origin: Greek Arabic Indian Happy, Cultured, Friendly The Sailor The name Naiya (pronounced n-EYE-ah) has three proposed origins. The first is that is from Greece and means ‘Water Nymph’. This meaning comes from the Naiads of Greek Mythology, female spirits that watch over areas of fresh water. The second is […]

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Meaning: Light Bright and Shining One God is my Light Origin: Arabic Persian Indian Pakistani Dutch Meaningful, Diligent, Happy The Ruler The name Noor a gender neutral name which means ‘Light’. It was the name of Queen Noor of Jordan, a wife of King Hussein. It is also known to be a Dutch diminutive of […]

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Meaning: Horse Lover Drink and Digest Origin: English Indian Energetic, Athletic, Impassioned The Juliet The meaning of the name Pippa is “Horse Lover” or “Long Pepper/Drink and Digest”. Pippa is a name of its own these days, but originates from being the short form of the English name Philippa (French variant: Philippine, Polish variant: Filipina). Pippa can […]

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Meaning: Moon Defending Warrior Origin: Indian German Stylish, Effusive, Methodical The Literary Sashi is a spectacle of a name with two distinct heritages. Firstly it is of Indian origin – from Shashi – and means ‘Moon’. Secondly it is a German diminutive of Sasha, which means ‘Defending Warrior’. Either way, Sashi is just a pearl […]

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Meaning: God is Gracious Gods Gift Origin: Scottish/Irish Hebrew Hindi Alluring, Admired, Contemporary The Squirrel Sheena is most commonly know to be the anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name Sìne. Sìne is directly related to the English, Jean, a feminine variant of John, meaning ‘God is Gracious’. Sheena is also thought to be a Hindi […]

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