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Meaning: Prosperity Origin: Japanese Alluring, Dexterous, Serene The Kami Inari is a Japanese Kami (a spirit worshipped in Shinto, Japan), Inari represents industry, success, fertility, agriculture, foxes, tea, rice and sake. General prosperity. I love this as a name, and it has awesome nickname capabilities, such as: Nari, Narz or Innie. Fits nicely with similar […]

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English Names


Meaning: Yew Origin: English Calm, Happy, Humorous The Otter Ives is the English version of the French name Yves, from Ivo/Yvo, meaning ‘Yew’. Yew wood is known for being used in archery to make bows. Saint Ives (or Ivo), known as the advocate of the poor, was a Breton priest from the Middle Ages. He […]

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