German Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: German Spirited, Appealing, Friendly The Director The German name Harro is a diminutive of the name Heinrich – which means ‘Home Ruler’. Heinrich is then original name which bore popular offshoots Henry, Harry and Hendrick. Harro is so fitting as it ends with the all favoured ‘O’ ending like names such […]

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Celtic Names English Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Scottish English Prompt, Sweet, Wise The Investor The Scottish and English name Henderson is a variation of the original name Heinrich – which bore the ever popular Henry and Harry. They all mean ‘Home Ruler’. Henderson began as a surname to denote someone who was the ‘son of Henry/Hendry‘. Henderson reminds […]

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Celtic Names Low Lands Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Danish Scottish Kind, Capable, Chivalrous The Gentleman The name Hendrick is a variation of Henry, both coming from the original German name Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. You could easily shorten this name to Henny or Hendy, or even Harry or Harro – nicknames of Henry. Hendrick blends well with names […]

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Celtic Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Scottish Earnest, Accurate, High Performing The Detective The Scottish name Hendry is a variant of Henry, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. Henry comes from the original German name Heinrich. Hendry makes a great alterative choice to the more popular Henry, it also sits alongside name like Jensen, Hasley and Orland nicely.

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German Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: German Danish Norwegian Choice, Regal, Unique The Rev Head Henning is a German derivative of the name Henry, which means ‘Home Ruler’. It is also a surname. I love the nickname possibilities for Henning – Henni, Hinger and Harro are next level cool. Henning reminds me of names like Manning, Harrison […]

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Latin Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Latin Loyal, Loved, People Person The Stallion Henricus is a Dutch/Latin name, hailing from the original Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. Heinrich also bore the ever popular Henry. There is also the Citie of Henricus (also known as Henricopolis or Henrico Town) a very early English settlement in Viginia, America. This […]

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English Names


Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: English Powerful, Calm, Kind The Lion Henry is a very popular english name which derives from the original German name Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. There were eight King Henrys of England, which catapulted this names popularity. It is often shortened to Harry or Hank, and, has two familiar feminine variants in […]

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