French Names


Meaning: Hawk-like Origin: French Dreamy, Breezy, Adored The Glider Astoria is a variation of the Surname Astor, which means ‘Hawk-like’, it hails from southeastern Frances Occitanie region. I really enjoy this names inspiring animalistic meaning, much like Ylva – ‘Wolf’ and Jonah – ‘Dove’. Astoria can be shortened to Story, a name in its own […]

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Meaning:Majestic EagleOrigin:Created Divine, Bubbly, Wise beyond their years The Friend for Life Séle (pronounced SHAY-la) is a created name with Celtic roots, it combines Irish name components: Sé Majestic or Eagle/Hawk Le From Síle (Sheila) Séle is a beautiful name spoken and on paper, it reminds me of Sheena, Xia (SHY-ah) and Lyla.

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English Names


Meaning: Majestic Hawk Origin: English Polished, Fine, Fair The Tiny Bird The English name Shae is a variation of the original Irish name Séaghdha (pronounced SHAY) which means ‘Majestic’. Some sources say it could also mean Hawk. Shae is one syllable treasure that reminds me of Kai, Roux and Zev. This name is inspired by […]

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