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Meaning: Victory of the People Origin: Dutch, German Accepting, Audacious, Courageous The Lion The adored Kai is a Dutch and German diminutive of the name Niklaus. Niklaus originates from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning ‘Victory of the People’. Nikolaos also bore the common English name Nicholas. Kai is much more modern than it’s other variant […]

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Oceanic Names


Meaning: Oleander Everlasting Love Origin: Hawaiian Flowing, Youthful, Gracious The Dolphin Oliana is a Hawaiian name that derives from the Oleander plant. The Oleander plant is evergreen and symbolizes everlasting love, hence the meaning of this name. Oliana is a beautiful name, nicknames abound with Ollie, Ana and Lia all being top options. It is […]

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Meaning: God will Increase Origin: Samoan, Hawaiian, Czech Angelic, Pure, Charming The Cherub Sefina is a Samoan and Czech variation of the name Josephine, from English Joseph, meaning ‘God will Increase’. Sefina reminds me of names like Seraphina, Seraiah and Santina. It is so simple, yet winsome and melodic in appeal. I love it.

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