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Meaning: Man Origin: German Scandinavian Tall, Fair, Authorative The Judge The name Karl is, and always has been, a strong and fierce name. Steeped in German and Scandinavian heritage, the name Karl means ‘Man’. Karl was and is the name of many Swedish royals, including King Karl XVI Gustaf. Charles is a variation of Karl, […]

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Meaning: Shy Child Origin: Arabic – Jordanian Greenlandic Malaysian Quiet, Loving, Feather Touch The Interpreter The charming Arabic name Qitu means ‘Shy’. In Greenland it is a variant of the name K’ito which means ‘Child’, and hails from the elongated name K’itornak. A fantastic name option with different potential heritages. I’m in love nickname Kit […]

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Meaning: Spear of Strength Origin: Greenlandic Fair, Humble, Diligent The Bumble-Bee The Greenlandic name Qitura or alternatively Kitura – is a fresh feeling, heritage gem that means ‘Spear of Strength’. It derives from the original German name Gertrud, which also has some other intriguing variants like Kerttu, Trudi and Gesine. Qitura sounds cultured and strong, […]

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