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Meaning: Pearl of Grace Origin: Swiss German Danish Swedish Graceful, Peppy, Forgiving The Owl This Swiss/German name is an absolute stunner, with a beautiful meaning as well ‘Pearl of Grace’. Talk about a light, bright and shining name for your little one. It derives from Anna (from Hebrew Hannah) – meaning ‘Grace’, and Margaret – […]

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Meaning: Grace Pledged to God Origin: German Dutch Effervescent, Polite, Nonchalant The Chamois Annelies (pronounced ANNA-LEASE) is a German/Dutch variant of Anneliese (ANNA-lisa). They derive from names Anna – from Hannah, meaning ‘Grace’, and Liese – from Elizabeth, meaning ‘Pledged to God’. Anne Franks full name was Annelies Marie Frank, she was a Jewish German […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Grace Origin: Hebrew Innocent, Emotive, Hands On The Babe Hannah derives from the original Hebrew name Channah, meaning ‘Grace’ or ‘Favour’. This name is also a palindrome, as it reads the same both backward and forward. Hannah is best known for being a character in the old testament of the Bible who was barren […]

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Meaning: Sweet and Beloved Gracious Inner Sanctuary Origin: Russian Czech Italian Fashionable, Deep, Sultry The one who dances in the rain The name Milana has three potential origins and meanings. The first being from Russia, and meaning ‘Sweet and Beloved’. Secondly it could be originally Czech and mean ‘Gracious’. The third is that it derives […]

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