English Names


Meaning: Wealthy Guardian Origin: English Tall, Protector, Rugged The Door The English name Edward derives from root words: ead Wealth weard Guard Hence the meaning of Edward is ‘Wealthy Guardian’ or some say ‘Rich Guard’ There were many kings and princes throughout history named Edward, making it a good royal moniker. There was also Saint […]

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Nordic Names


Meaning: Fortunate Warrior Origin: Norwegian Capable, Fierce, Patriarch The Bronco The Norwegian name Eivind means ‘Fortunate Warrior’, and is alternatively spelled Eyvind. It derives from the Norse root words: ey Lucky vindur Warrior/Winner Eivind is a great option because it is unique and underused, but it sounds familiar – like names Ivan or Ives. It […]

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German Names Latin Names


Meaning: Lucky Good Fortune Origin: German Latin Resilient, Cooperative, Skilled The Acrobat The German and Latin name Felicie is a variation of Felicia and means ‘Lucky’ or ‘Good Fortune’. I particularly like this one, it is uncommon and reminds me of names Ilisi, January, Lyris, Katalini, Sashi, Vissi and Revie.

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Arabic Names


Meaning: Power & Prosperity Origin Arabic Artistic, Scholar, In Vogue The Student Abroad Imra is thought to be an Arabic name which means ‘Power’ and ‘Prosperity’. It is simple yet eloquent with a cultured feel to it. Imra is reminiscent of Emmera, a German name which means ‘Universal Power’. It also reminds me of names […]

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Asia East Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Prosperity Origin: Japanese Alluring, Dexterous, Serene The Kami Inari is a Japanese Kami (a spirit worshipped in Shinto, Japan), Inari represents industry, success, fertility, agriculture, foxes, tea, rice and sake. General prosperity. I love this as a name, and it has awesome nickname capabilities, such as: Nari, Narz or Innie. Fits nicely with similar […]

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German Names Italian Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Fate Trust in the Stars Origin: Italian German Dutch Fair, Hard Working, Kind The Maiden The name Stellavera is an amalgamation of names Stella and Vera – combined their meaning is ‘Fate’ or ‘Trust in the Stars’. Stellavera has so much to offer its person; it has an elegant and wise countenance, plus it […]

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