Modern American Names


Meaning: Father of Peace Origin: American Lover, Creative, Confident The Handler The American name Axie is a diminutive of Axl and means ‘Father of Peace’. Axie is short and sweet, it feels new, fresh and bold, and it has so much character. I feel Axie reminds me of names Inej, Uxia, Adlie and Revie.

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English Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Father of Peace Origin: Swedish English Handsome, Bold, Mighty The Guard The meaning of the name Axl is “Father of Peace”. It is also spelled Axel, or more commonly in Scandinavian countries, Aksel. There is also a French feminine variation – Axelle, and modern English – Axie. This name is a diminutive of the […]

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Celtic Names Hebrew Names


Meaning: Oak Tree Friendly The Bright and Shining One Origin: Hebrew American Indian Welsh Dedicated, Proud, Laughing The Olympian The name Elan has varied origins and meanings, which only makes all the more endearing. Firstly it is known to be a Hebrew name which means ‘Oak Tree’. In Hebrew it is used primarily for boys. […]

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Celtic Names English Names


Meaning: Kind My God is YHWH Origin: Welsh English Happy, Generous, Calm The Dancer Ellis is a name with two possible heritages. The first is potentially a Welsh name, deriving from the original name Elisedd, meaning ‘Kind’. The second is being an English diminutive of Elijah, meaning ‘My God is YHWH’. Ellis seems a more […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning:Near MeOrigin:Hebrew Newcomer, Seeking, Mighty The Sender The Hebrew name Esli is found in the Bible. It means ‘Near Me’. Esli is found in the book of Luke in the new testament, listed as the son on Nagge in the genealogy of Jesus. This name reminds me of Ezri (a variation of Ezra), Zetlin, Ellis […]

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German Names


Meaning: Peaceful Ruler Origin: German Prussian Classic, Charming Involving The Chief The name Frederick means ‘Peaceful Ruler’, deriving from root words: frid Peace ric Ruler Frederick was the name of many Prussian royals, including Frederick the Great (also known as The Old Fritz – this is the best!). He was exceedingly modern for his time, […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Filled with Compassion Origin: Greek Affectionate, Dashing, Confident The Sea Farer The Greek name Pantelis derives from Panteleimon and means ‘ Filled with Compassion’. My fave variant though, is Pantaleon – it just sounds so raw and alluring. If you are looking for similar Greek names, you could try Thomas, Georgios, Nikos, Ajax, Cilix […]

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Meaning: Peaceable Origin: Created Bold, Wise, Diplomatic The Hero The name Quingon is a created name from amalgamating Latin root words: Quin Not/Without Gon Diminutive of Gundisalvus, meaning ‘Safe from Battle’ Together, Quingon comes to mean ‘Peaceable’. It is a fantastical name, emoting fire, courage and wisdom. A warrior in ancient times, but with a […]

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Oceanic Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Play Centre of the World Origin: Fijian Spanish Fun, Agile, Dauntless The Defence In Fiji Qito (pronounced KEE-TOE) is a word name which means ‘Play’. It is also a Spanish name variation of Quito, the city which is the capital of Ecuador. It means ‘Centre of the World’. Qito sits well with possible sibling […]

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Arabic Names Asia Southeast Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Shy Child Origin: Arabic – Jordanian Greenlandic Malaysian Quiet, Loving, Feather Touch The Interpreter The charming Arabic name Qitu means ‘Shy’. In Greenland it is a variant of the name K’ito which means ‘Child’, and hails from the elongated name K’itornak. A fantastic name option with different potential heritages. I’m in love nickname Kit […]

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Arabic Names


Meaning: Friend Origin: Arabic (Sudanese) Informed, Persuasive, Articulate The Crayfish Siddig or Sidig is an Arabic name that means: Friend. It derives from the word Sadiq. I like the ability to shorten it to Sid. Even still, Siddig itself is a handsome name, and reminds me somehow of the Celtic name Cedric. This name was […]

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Asia East Names


Meaning:Unknown – possibly ‘Guardian’Origin:Japanese Wise, Resolute, Nimble The Bee The Japanese name Troa is a variation of name Trowa – which was a name created for character Trowa Barton in anime series, Gundam Wing. The meaning of Troa is unknown, but some have thought it could mean ‘Guardian’ or ‘Instrument of Peace’. I really like […]

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