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Meaning: Grace Pledged to God Origin: German Dutch Effervescent, Polite, Nonchalant The Chamois Annelies (pronounced ANNA-LEASE) is a German/Dutch variant of Anneliese (ANNA-lisa). They derive from names Anna – from Hannah, meaning ‘Grace’, and Liese – from Elizabeth, meaning ‘Pledged to God’. Anne Franks full name was Annelies Marie Frank, she was a Jewish German […]

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Meaning: Venerable The Increaser Origin: Latin Dutch Slavic Prominent, Generous, Decent The Teacher The meaning of the name Augustus is “Venerable” or “Great, the increaser”. And it has uber cool nicknames Auggie and Gus.  Caesar Augustus the Roman Emperor, was actually Julius Caesars maternal great-nephew, named Gaius Octavius Thurinus. When Julius was assassinated, he named Octavius his […]

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Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Danish Scottish Kind, Capable, Chivalrous The Gentleman The name Hendrick is a variation of Henry, both coming from the original German name Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. You could easily shorten this name to Henny or Hendy, or even Harry or Harro – nicknames of Henry. Hendrick blends well with names […]

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Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Latin Loyal, Loved, People Person The Stallion Henricus is a Dutch/Latin name, hailing from the original Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. Heinrich also bore the ever popular Henry. There is also the Citie of Henricus (also known as Henricopolis or Henrico Town) a very early English settlement in Viginia, America. This […]

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Meaning: God is Gracious Origin: Dutch German Latin Vivacious, Light-Hearted, Effervescent The Seahorse Johanna is a variation of the name John, meaning ‘God is Gracious‘. In countries such as Sweden and Germany this name is commonly pronounced with a Y sound at the start. Nicknames such as Joey, Jo, Hannah and Anna are all sweet […]

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Meaning: Victory of the People Origin: Dutch German Accepting, Audacious, Courageous The Lion The adored Kai is a Dutch and German diminutive of the name Niklaus. Niklaus originates from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning ‘Victory of the People’. Nikolaos also bore the common English name Nicholas. Kai is much more modern than it’s other variant […]

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Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: English Dutch Sharp, Defined, Meticulous The Lion Mark is an English and Dutch name that derives from Latin name: Marcus. It means ‘god of War’, stemming from the Roman god Mars. It is also considered to mean ‘Warlike’. It is renowned for being the name of the second gospel […]

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Meaning: Gift of God Origin: German Dutch Original, Creative, Graceful The Swan Pronounced as mah-TIA, this name is gorgeous and has a rich heritage in the English and Hebrew name Matthew from which it derives. Nicknames include Mattie and Tia, and helps this cultured name fit well with other popular choices such as Mia, Olivia, […]

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Meaning: Light Bright and Shining One God is my Light Origin: Arabic Persian Indian Pakistani Dutch Meaningful, Diligent, Happy The Ruler The name Noor a gender neutral name which means ‘Light’. It was the name of Queen Noor of Jordan, a wife of King Hussein. It is also known to be a Dutch diminutive of […]

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Meaning: Fate Trust in the Stars Origin: Italian German Dutch Fair, Hard Working, Kind The Maiden The name Stellavera is an amalgamation of names Stella and Vera – combined their meaning is ‘Fate’ or ‘Trust in the Stars’. Stellavera has so much to offer its person; it has an elegant and wise countenance, plus it […]

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Meaning: Yew Origin: Dutch Confident, Visionary, Nature-Lover The Woodsman Yvo is a beautiful name (pronounced EE-voh), I would have loved to use on one of my own children. It has solid roots, yet sound modern and effervescent. Yvo is a variation of the German name Ivo and a relative of French name Yves. They mean […]

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