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Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: Dutch Danish Scottish Kind, Capable, Chivalrous The Gentleman The name Hendrick is a variation of Henry, both coming from the original German name Heinrich, meaning ‘Home Ruler’. You could easily shorten this name to Henny or Hendy, or even Harry or Harro – nicknames of Henry. Hendrick blends well with names […]

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Meaning: Home Ruler Origin: German Danish Norwegian Choice, Regal, Unique The Rev Head Henning is a German derivative of the name Henry, which means ‘Home Ruler’. It is also a surname. I love the nickname possibilities for Henning – Henni, Hinger and Harro are next level cool. Henning reminds me of names like Manning, Harrison […]

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Meaning: Bitterness Mother Origin: German Slovene, Croatian Norwegian, Swedish, Danish Greek Fortuitous, Calm, Golden The Cloud Walker Maja is known to be pronounced in many ways, including MAY-ah, MY-ah, Mah-ha and MAH-zjha. It is thought to be a diminutive of two different names, hence the dual meaning and many heritages. Firstly it is short for […]

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