Hebrew Names


Meaning: Beloved Origin: Hebrew Smart, Genuine, Funny The Wolf The name David hails from the original Hebrew name Dawid, meaning ‘Beloved’. It can be pronounced either DAY-vid or da-VEED. David was a character in the old testament of the Bible, he was a shepherd boy who became one of Israel’s greatest kings. David was the […]

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English Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Child of Heaven and Earth Origin: English Magnetic, Radiant, Graceful The Golden Pheasant Denara is an enchanting version of Denis, deriving from the Greek mythological name Dionysius. Dionysius is the Greek god of wine and partying, he is also known as Bacchus. He is the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Semele, […]

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French Names Greek Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Child of Heaven and Earth Origin: Greek French Greek Mythology Wise, Charismatic, Cool The Composer The name Dion is a diminutive of the ancient Greek Dionysus, the god of wine and partying, also known as Bacchus. Dionysus was a son of the great king of the gods himself, Zeus, and his mortal lover Semele. […]

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