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Meaning: Tower Origin: Greek Czech Spanish Polish Alluring, Elegant, Empathique The Free Bird The name Magdalena derives from the term Magdalene, which refers to people from the town of Magdala. Magdala means ‘Tower’, thus the invisible meaning of this name is ‘Tower’. Magdalena originates from Greece, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Poland (but it is used by […]

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Meaning: Sweet and Beloved Gracious Inner Sanctuary Origin: Russian Czech Italian Fashionable, Deep, Sultry The one who dances in the rain The name Milana has three potential origins and meanings. The first being from Russia, and meaning ‘Sweet and Beloved’. Secondly it could be originally Czech and mean ‘Gracious’. The third is that it derives […]

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Meaning: God will Increase Origin: Samoan, Hawaiian, Czech Angelic, Pure, Charming The Cherub Sefina is a Samoan and Czech variation of the name Josephine, from English Joseph, meaning ‘God will Increase’. Sefina reminds me of names like Seraphina, Seraiah and Santina. It is so simple, yet winsome and melodic in appeal. I love it.

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