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Meaning: Bitterness Mother Origin: German Slovene, Croatian Norwegian, Swedish, Danish Greek Fortuitous, Calm, Golden The Cloud Walker Maja is known to be pronounced in many ways, including MAY-ah, MY-ah, Mah-ha and MAH-zjha. It is thought to be a diminutive of two different names, hence the dual meaning and many heritages. Firstly it is short for […]

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French Names


Meaning: Bitterness Tower Origin: French Eclectic, Brave, Commited The Cowgirl The French name Manon (pronounced ma-no or ma-KNOWN) derives from Marie – ultimately originating from the original Hebrew name Maryam, meaning ‘Bitterness’. This is the same thread that the name Mary comes from, Manon is also considered a diminutive of Madeline, which derives from Magdalene, […]

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Greek Names Latin Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: Latin Brave, Strong, Hopeful The Workhorse The name Maria came about as a Latin variation of Maryam, ultimately deriving from the Hebrew name Miriam, which means ‘Bitterness’. Miriam, the woman from the Old Testament of the Bible, was Moses sister. She was born during the Israelites time of slavery in Egypt, thus […]

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Spanish Names


Meaning: Bitter Battle Origin: Spanish Portuguese Pleasant, Kind, Gilded The Lioness The name Marisa (pronounced ma-REECE-ah) is a Spanish/Portuguese contraction of Maria and Luisa. Maria means “Bitterness” and Luisa means “Famous Battle”, giving Marisa the interpretation “Bitter Battle”. Marisa is beautiful and elegant, it reminds me of Mariana, Mairiis and Annelies.

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English Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: English Hopeful, Profound, Adorned The Flower The name Mary is the English variant of the Latin/Greek name Maria. Both of these derive from the Hebrew Maryam (more commonly spelled Miriam) which means ‘Bitterness’. Mary is well known for being the Virgin mother of Jesus Christ in the Bible, and being the patron […]

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Low Lands Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: Dutch Cheeky, Grinning, Always Fun The Cheerleader The Dutch name Mieke (MEE-kah) is a variation of Maria (originally from Maryam) – meaning ‘Bitterness’. Even though it has such an unfortunate meaning, Mieke is a jet-setting name with feelings of confidence and conviviality. It fits well with Miri (coincidently of the exact same […]

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Hebrew Names


Meaning: Bitterness Origin: Hebrew Winsome, Charming, Meek The Mother Miri is a Hebrew name, short for Miriam, the modern variation of the original Maryam which means ‘Bitterness’. Miriam was a character in the old testament in the Bible, the sister of Moses and Aaron, and a prophetess. Miri is similar to names Syri, Vissi and […]

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