Hebrew Names


Meaning: Beloved Origin: Hebrew Smart, Genuine, Funny The Wolf The name David hails from the original Hebrew name Dawid, meaning ‘Beloved’. It can be pronounced either DAY-vid or da-VEED. David was a character in the old testament of the Bible, he was a shepherd boy who became one of Israel’s greatest kings. David was the […]

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Italian Names


Meaning:BelovedOrigin:Italian Refined, Discerning, Distinct The Egret The meaning of the name Davide is “Beloved”, and is an Italian feminine version of the name David. Pronounced as dah-VEED or dah-VEE-dah, it comes with trendy nicknames Davvy or Edie. Davide is reminiscent of Thomasina, Jytte and Lucia.

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Italian Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Sweet and Beloved Gracious Inner Sanctuary Origin: Russian Czech Italian Fashionable, Deep, Sultry The one who dances in the rain The name Milana has three potential origins and meanings. The first being from Russia, and meaning ‘Sweet and Beloved’. Secondly it could be originally Czech and mean ‘Gracious’. The third is that it derives […]

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Nordic Names


Meaning: Beloved Origin: Finnish Whimsical, Frolicsome, Relaxed The Flower Taavetti is a Finnish form of David, meaning ‘Beloved’. I really enjoy this name, it has a energetic feel and invokes images of a barefoot wayfarer, content in her self love. Taavetti reminds me of names Silvretta, Sashi and Rimini.

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