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Meaning: Fair Haired, Bavarian Origin: Irish, German Magnetic, Witty, Contemporary The Bear As a Celtic name, Baire is a shortened version of Barrfhionn or Fionnbharr, and is pronounced as BARRY or BERRY. It means ‘Fair Haired’. As a German name, Baire is a surname and a place name, meaning ‘Bavarian’, it is pronounced as BEAR.

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English Names


Meaning: Pledged to God Origin: English Diligent, Rustic, Sweet The Decorator Beth is a diminutive of the English name Elizabeth, which derives from the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning ‘pledged to God‘ Beth can also be a shortened form of the name Bethlehem, which means ‘House of Bread’. This also bears other cute nicknames: Hemmy and […]

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