English Names


Meaning: Northern Survivor Origin: English Bold, Curious, Adventurer The Sailor Farenorth is an English name, created by Yule Kilcher upon his arrival in Alaska (Yule is the patriarch of the family depicted in Alaska the Last Frontier). It became his middle name. Farenorth means ‘Northern Survivor’ as it comes from joining Fare – progress/survive/prosper, and […]

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Nordic Names


Meaning: Sugary Origin: Finnish (presumed) Strong, Talented, Fun The Reindeer Mairiis (pronounced MY-reece) is presumably derived from Finnish name Mairea, which means ‘Sugary’. This post on Mairiis is inspired by Mairiis ‘Mossy’ Kilcher and her appearance on Alaska the Last Frontier. What a fantastic name gem, and Mossy also is such a beautiful nature name. […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Victory of the People Origin: Greek Youthful, Strong, Helpful The Lumberjack The name Nikos is a Greek contraction of the original name Nikolaos, meaning ‘Victory of the People’. Nikos is a young and sturdy name and reminds me of Gio, Jax and Lucas. Some other fresh variations of Nikolaos include Niccolo, Niilo (oh how […]

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German Names Italian Names Low Lands Names


Meaning: Fate Trust in the Stars Origin: Italian German Dutch Fair, Hard Working, Kind The Maiden The name Stellavera is an amalgamation of names Stella and Vera – combined their meaning is ‘Fate’ or ‘Trust in the Stars’. Stellavera has so much to offer its person; it has an elegant and wise countenance, plus it […]

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