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Meaning: Rock Prince, King, Ruler Beautiful White Jasmine Origin: Maori, Arabic, Japanese, Natural, Artistic, Leader The Dancer Amiri (pronounced as ah-MEER-ee) is a name of many supposed heritages. Firstly from the Cook Islands, meaning ‘Rock’. Secondly being Arabic (also with possible Hebrew and Persian roots) meaning ‘Ruler’, ‘King’ or ‘Prince’. Thirdly thought to be Japanese, […]

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English Names


Meaning: Clearing with a hermitage (Hermitage – a private retreat or hideaway) Origin: English Individual, Open, Proud The Red Fox Ansley is an English variation of the name Ainsley, it is also a place name for the village – Ansley in Warwichshire in England, and the community – Ansley in Jackson, Louisiana in the USA. […]

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Nordic Names


Meaning: Fair Valkyrie Origin: Nordic Mysterious, Careful, Emotive The Wild Horse Scandinavian amalgamated name Arowen consists of ‘Åro’ a diminutive of Ölrun, a mythological Valkyrie; and ‘wen’ meaning fair or white. Combined Arowen means ‘Fair Valkyrie’. This name is very cool, with edgy nicknames like Aro and Rowen and its otherworldly quality, it is a […]

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Greek Names


Meaning: Star Origin: Greek Ethereal, Magnetic, Bright The Nautilus The gorgeous name Aster is of Greek origin and means, ‘Star’, and what a star it is. It derives from root word: Asteri Star Aster is also the name of a plant with beautiful, purple, daisy-like flowers. Related names Astra and Astraea are just divine in […]

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Meaning: Open Far Away Origin: Tahitian Clear, Fair, Cool The Breeze Atea (pronounced ah-TEE-ah) is a god in Māori mythology, whom with the help of Tane (god of beauty) created the famous Tiare flower. Atea is so unique and has a great vibe, it would fit in well with other mod names like Greer, Ramiro […]

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