Flat Nosed


Certain, Educated, Passionate

the Scientist

The name Simon derives from Greek root word:


Flat Nosed

Hence its unfortunate meaning. Simos is also short for the name Gerasimos, and is the name of a beach in Greece.

In Greek mythology some texts describe Simon as one of the Telchines demigods. Offspring of possibly Poseidon or Pontus (some say they raised Poseidon), the Telchines were thought to be aquatic beings with fins instead of hands, who dwelled around the areas of Crete and Rhodes. Simons Telchines siblings were Lycus, Antaeus, Argyron, Atabyrius, Chalcon, Chryson, Megalesius, Hormenus, Mylas and Nicon. Possible others may have been Actaeus, Damon, Mimon, Skelmis and Zenob, and females Dexione, Halia, Lysagora and Macelo. (Texts referring to the Telchines are scarce, differing and some incomplete)

Simon could also be a derivation of Hebrew name Simeon (or Shim’on), which means ‘He has Heard’.

In the new testament of the Bible, Simon is a disciple of Jesus, whom was renamed Peter (sometimes referred to as Simon Peter). He and his brother Andrew were fisherman and left their jobs to devote their life to following Jesus. Saint Peter went on to be a cornerstone of the Christian church and finally was crucified in Rome.

Simon reminds me of names Damon, Wilson, Silas and Cyrus.