Wide Island
Child of Heaven and Earth

English, French

Intellect, Defender, Calming

The Elephant

Sidney is and interesting name as it has two potential origins. One speculation is that it hails from Old English root words:





As an English name this has the meaning ‘Wide Island’.

The second opinion is that Sidney is a French contraction of the location St Denis. Denis derives from Dionysius, the mythological Greek god of wine and partying, a son of Zeus. This name means ‘Child of Heaven and Earth’ as his mother was a mortal, Semele.

Sidney can be shortened to Sid which is very workable with the trend for one syllable names.

It also fits in well with options like Oakley, Bailey, Finley and Harvey….. And sooo many more (Hartley, Cody, Murphy, Sonny, Percy, Renly, Wesley… shall I go on 😉