God is Gracious


Virile, Harmonious, Firm

the Eagle

John is the English variation of the original Hebrew name Yohanan, which means YHWH is gracious.

A common diminutive for John, is Jack, which is quite popular at the minute.

John is known for being the author of the fourth gospel of the Bible, he is a saint in many Christian religions, being the patron saint of Hospitals and the ill, his symbol is the eagle.

Minimalist version Jon is also a nice choice (being Swedish, Danish and Norwegian). Slavic forms Ivan and Ivo have a contemporary feel as well. English (specifically Georgian) Vano fits in especially well with modern favorites Leo, Milo, Arlo and Hugo.

The Welsh name Evan is also a variation of this old-school gem.

Italian Giovanni (or Giovi/Gio for short) is also well liked, as is Hebrew and German Johanna – one of my top picks, for sure.