Child of Heaven and Earth

Greek Mythology

Wise, Charismatic, Cool

The Composer

The name Dion is a diminutive of the ancient Greek Dionysus, the god of wine and partying, also known as Bacchus. Dionysus was a son of the great king of the gods himself, Zeus, and his mortal lover Semele.

The meaning ‘Child of Heaven and Earth’ comes from Dionysus birth, as the story goes he started growing in his mother’s Womb on Earth, but she died during her pregnancy, so Zeus sewed the unborn Dionysus into his thigh to finish the gestation, and he was later born in heaven.

Dion is a name with many appeals, it has a fresh sound and is short and masculine. It reminds me of names like Lincoln, Clarke and Noah.

Other modern names that derive from Dionysus include Denis, Tennyson and Dzianis.