God is my Judge


Diligent, Deep, Skilled

The Provider

The meaning of the Hebrew name Daniel is ‘God is my Judge’, and comes from the original Hebraic Daniyyel.

It is formed from root words:





Daniel is known for being one of the books comprising the old testament of the Bible. It is named after the prophet it chronicles. This Daniel’s most famous story is of when God sent angels to protect him, after he was thrown into a den of hungry lions.

There was a King Daniel of Galicia in the 13th century, and also Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland from the Swedish royal family – making it a great Royal name as well.

Daniel has some pretty swish variations in Dana, Danneel and Danilo. Daniel also gets shortened to Dani or Dan – Dan can also be a stand alone, and unrelated Hebrew name.

This name also blends well with Liam, Andrew, William and Adam.