Slavic Names


Meaning: Gift of God Origin: Serbian, Croatian Visionary, Intelligent, Rational The Monkey Matići is a Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian place name, it derives from Mathaeus, from Matthew. Pronounced mat-iss-EYE or mat-ISS-ee, this definitely walks down the line of unique and unconventional. I personally love the sound, and the ‘ć’, it stands out! Which is something […]

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Nordic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: Holy Blessed Origin: Russian Norse Profound, Pretty, Well-Spoken The Naturalist Olya (pronounced Oh-lee-ah or Oh-lya) is a variation of Olga, meaning ‘Holy’, and is of Russian origin. It can also be spelled Olja. It is also thought to be of Norse roots, deriving from the name Helgi (which also bore Helga, Laila and Aili […]

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Oceanic Names Slavic Names


Meaning: God will Increase Origin: Samoan, Hawaiian, Czech Angelic, Pure, Charming The Cherub Sefina is a Samoan and Czech variation of the name Josephine, from English Joseph, meaning ‘God will Increase’. Sefina reminds me of names like Seraphina, Seraiah and Santina. It is so simple, yet winsome and melodic in appeal. I love it.

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