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Meaning: Strong Eagle He Cries for the Earth Origin: Greek Greek Mythology Strong, Fierce, Calming The Clay Soldier The Greek name Ajax is that of two Trojan warriors in ancient literature, both were war heroes renowned for their audacity, courage and expertise in combat. Ajax Telamon lead the Greek army into battle after the greater […]

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Mythological Names Oceanic Names


Meaning: Open Far Away Origin: Tahitian Clear, Fair, Cool The Breeze Atea (pronounced ah-TEE-ah) is a god in Māori mythology, whom with the help of Tane (god of beauty) created the famous Tiare flower. Atea is so unique and has a great vibe, it would fit in well with other mod names like Greer, Ramiro […]

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English Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Child of Heaven and Earth Origin: English Magnetic, Radiant, Graceful The Golden Pheasant Denara is an enchanting version of Denis, deriving from the Greek mythological name Dionysius. Dionysius is the Greek god of wine and partying, he is also known as Bacchus. He is the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Semele, […]

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French Names Greek Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Child of Heaven and Earth Origin: Greek French Greek Mythology Wise, Charismatic, Cool The Composer The name Dion is a diminutive of the ancient Greek Dionysus, the god of wine and partying, also known as Bacchus. Dionysus was a son of the great king of the gods himself, Zeus, and his mortal lover Semele. […]

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Mythological Names Nordic Names


Meaning: Pledged to God Wife of Thor Origin: Nordic Content, Committed, Understanding The Woods Elisifetta is a Nordic style name that can mean ‘Pledged to God’ as a variant of Elisiveta (from Elizabeth), or it can mean ‘Wife of Thor’ as a variant of Elisif (an Old Norse name for Sif, the mythological wife of […]

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Asia East Names Mythological Names


Meaning: Prosperity Origin: Japanese Alluring, Dexterous, Serene The Kami Inari is a Japanese Kami (a spirit worshipped in Shinto, Japan), Inari represents industry, success, fertility, agriculture, foxes, tea, rice and sake. General prosperity. I love this as a name, and it has awesome nickname capabilities, such as: Nari, Narz or Innie. Fits nicely with similar […]

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Greek Names Mythological Names Spanish Names


Meaning: Strong Healer Origin: Greek Refined, Enlightened, Erudite The Owl Lon, meaning ‘Strong Healer’ is a diminutive of the Greek name Apollonia, a form of Apollo, the Greek god of music, truth, prophecy, healing, poetry, plagues, art, oracles, archery and sun (that is a lot). It can also be a Spanish name (short for Alonzo) […]

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Italian Names Mythological Names


Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: Italian Serene, Svelte, Willowy The Reed Marcella is the Italian feminine variant of Marcello, deriving from Latin – Marcus and English – Mark. All of these names stem from the Roman god Mars, and mean ‘god of War‘ or ‘Warlike’. Nicknames such as Marcy and Ella are a given. […]

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English Names Low Lands Names Mythological Names


Meaning: God of War Warlike Origin: English Dutch Sharp, Defined, Meticulous The Lion Mark is an English and Dutch name that derives from Latin name: Marcus. It means ‘god of War’, stemming from the Roman god Mars. It is also considered to mean ‘Warlike’. It is renowned for being the name of the second gospel […]

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Mythological Names Oceanic Names


Meaning: Beauty Origin: Tahitian Beauty, Peace, Bird-Song The Forest Tāne (pronounced TAH-nay) is a Tahitian god, from Māori mythology. He is a son of the Earth Mother – Papa, and Sky Father – Rangi, and some stories say he made Tiki, the first man. He is also helped his brother Atea to create the Tiare […]

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